Meet the Lip Sync for Lungs Battle Contestants!

Steve Gunter

Steve Gunter

Best known for his passion for University of Arkansas football, Razorback Steve Gunter also happens to be the owner of The Tap Room at Dubsdread and Dubsdread Catering. A proud Pitch Perfect fan, Steve spends much of his private time singing and practicing his dance moves.

Steve’s passion for exercise (he’s an avid cyclist, swimmer and power yogi) leaves him feeling incredibly grateful for his lung health. He can’t imagine life without it. After watching a close friend lose his life to lung cancer, and knowing several others who have fought the awful disease, he is honored to be a part of funding research for lung health.

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Tony Sos is a trial lawyer and partner at Dellecker Wilson King McKenna Ruffier and Sos. At night, he finds himself immersed in musical adventures, living dangerously at the intersection of soulful country, old school hip-hop, and pop hits.

Working with people who have been seriously injured has inspired Sos to be an advocate for health and wellness, not just for his clients but for all people. He is thrilled to support Lip Sync for Lungs whilst performing some of his favorite songs.

Miguel Ramos

Chuck Walzack

Pat Kelly

Gabriel Haas

Joe Sos

Giti Khalsa


Maxine and Kirt Earhart

Dynamic Duo’s are not just defined by movie legends, musical duets, super power parents or even the most elusive of them all…Married Restaurant Couples! Maxine ”Broadway” Earhart and her husband, Kirt “ Juice Pimp” Earhart always give a great song and dance in their Dining Hall of Fame Restaurant, Maxine’s on Shine. Whether she is belting out a classic tune on stage, or he being a poet sage, they both love the glide, and feel the pride, as the community of The City Beautiful steps up inside. On this night, “Lip Sync” partners with “Hip Sync” and they will mix in everything including the kitchen sink, and it will be tasty for you to “Drink…their Performance Lemonade”. Your votes and donations on behalf of their craft, LUNG FORCE and for the American Lung Association will be the winning combination!

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The Young Lawyers

Andrew Irvin

During the day, Andrew operates his own firm, Irvin & Irvin PLLC, with his father. At night, he hosts dance parties in his house with his three children. When asked why he’s excited for Lip Sync for Lungs Battle he said, “I feel like my whole life has led me to this!” Andrew is a graduate of UCF and Florida A&M College of Law. He currently serves on the board of the American Lung Association and the Orange County Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Section.

Andrew C. Roy

From the Lake Mary Marching Rams to a bachelor’s degree in French Horn at UF, Andrew brings music theory and technical knowledge to the team. He is a shareholder with Winderweedle, Haines, Ward and Woodman in Winter Park where he focuses on helping businesses as outside general counsel. Andrew is also president of the Orange County Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Section.

Conner Kelly

Often confused for a 90’s boy band member, Connor practices civil litigation at DSK Law in Orlando. He played football at U.S. Air Force Academy for two years before graduating from UCF and Florida A&M College of Law. He currently serves on the board of the Orange County Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Section.

Kimberlee “The Closer” Martin

Kimberlee “The Closer” Martin practices primarily in the areas of personal injury and insurance defense at Fisher Rushmer, P.A. in Orlando. She is a graduate of UCF and FIU College of Law. Kimberlee’s dance and music experience dates back to high school and she is ready to bring down the house.

Michael Barber

Michael is a tenacious criminal defense lawyer with a passion for entertaining. Now as chair of the Orange County Soil & Water Conservation District, his life comes under constant public scrutiny. The Lip Sync for Lungs Battle will provide him a well-deserved outlet for his entertaining side. Michael grew up in Winter Park and is a graduate of UCF and the University of Florida Levin College of Law.

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Nate Carn and Armando Casteneda

Nate is a 14 year firefighter and currently works for DeLand Fire Department. Nate’s beautiful girlfriend Jessica currently serves on the board for the American Lung Association and despite not having the slightest bit of musical talent, he really did not have a choice when it came to performing. Nate has a passion for 1980’s hair metal, Hawaiian shirts, mowing the lawn, ice cold Miller Lite, and a really nice pair of jean shorts. In his free time, Nate manages an Etsy page that is dedicated to making and selling themed sweaters for cats.

Armando has been in the fire service for 10 years and currently serves as a lieutenant for Flagler County Fire Department. Prior to his career in the fire service, Armando joined the Latin boy band, Menudo, alongside Ricky Martin in the mid 1980’s. Armando performed three shows with the group before he mutually agreed to part ways due to creative differences. The separation was mostly due to Armando’s birth name, Lance Cumberbatch, not fitting the “image” of the heavily influenced Latin roots of the band. He was ultimately outcast. He legally changed his name to Armando Casteneda, and moved to Chino, CA where he met teen sensation, Tiffany. Armando found moderate success as a backup dancer during Tiffany’s “The Beautiful You: Celebrating the Good Life Shopping Mall Tour ‘87”. After the tour, Armando left the music industry for good and never looked back. In his free time, Armando enjoys collecting seashells and runs a podcast that focuses mostly on his opinions of Texas A&M football.

As firefighters, we are proud to participate in the “Lip Sync Lungs Battle” to help bring attention to this terrible disease. Since 2002, cancer has caused 61% of career firefighter line-of-duty deaths. Firefighters have a 9% higher risk of being diagnosed with cancer and a 14% higher chance of dying from cancer than the general U.S. population. NIOSH studies show the cancer mostly responsible for this higher risk were respiratory (lung, mesothelioma). We look forward to the opportunity to represent our respective departments along with ALL our brothers and sisters in the fire service across the country.

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