Meet the Lip Sync for Lungs Battle Contestants!

Steve Gunter

Steve Gunter

Best known for his passion for University of Arkansas football, Razorback Steve Gunter also happens to be the owner of The Tap Room at Dubsdread and Dubsdread Catering. A proud Pitch Perfect fan, Steve spends much of his private time singing and practicing his dance moves.

Steve’s passion for exercise (he’s an avid cyclist, swimmer and power yogi) leaves him feeling incredibly grateful for his lung health. He can’t imagine life without it. After watching a close friend lose his life to lung cancer, and knowing several others who have fought the awful disease, he is honored to be a part of funding research for lung health.

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Tony Sos

Tony Sos is a trial lawyer and partner at Dellecker Wilson King McKenna Ruffier and Sos. At night, he finds himself immersed in musical adventures, living dangerously at the intersection of soulful country, old school hip-hop, and pop hits.

Working with people who have been seriously injured has inspired Sos to be an advocate for health and wellness, not just for his clients but for all people. He is thrilled to support Lip Sync for Lungs whilst performing some of his favorite songs.

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Maxine Earhart

Bio Coming Soon!

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